Monday, September 8, 2014

My journey to a healthier me...and my Weight Loss Bucket List!

I have been overweight my entire life. I'm not talking about a mere 10-20 pounds overweight or a socially acceptable size 12.  I'm talking about weighing 170 my senior year in high school. The scale slowly crept up over the past 18 years since high school. I have been MORBIDLY obese most of my adult life, meaning 100 pounds or more over the weight that doctors deem me healthy.  Losing 40-50 pounds would still not get me close to the 135 my doctor says I should weigh at my height of 5'4".

A school board weight loss program aided me in losing 20 pounds in 2009, only to pack them back on the next year, plus an extra 10. In 2012, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I joined the gym, hired a personal trainer, and dropped 35 pounds again, just to gain it all back in 2014. Along the way I have attempted the HCG drops, Adipex, Low-Carb foods, the Atkins Diet, and any other pill you can buy. The only positive that has come out of this struggle is that I have become more active - at the gym and with different sports. With numerous attempts at yo-yo dieting under my belt, I have made the extremely informed decision to undergo bariatric surgery - more specifically, gastric bypass.

There are three options to chose from: gastric bypass, sleeve gastronomy, or lap-band.  I knew right away I did not want to do the lap band surgery.  I didn't want something foreign in my body and I did not want the frequent doctor visits to adjust the band. I seriously see doctors way too much as it is. There has been more research on the bypass procedure verses the sleeve, with similar side effects and better results, so I decided to go with the bypass surgery.

Gastric Bypass

Sleeve Gastronomy

There are people close to me that have had the procedure, some with more success than others. I understand one thing - it is not a cure all. It is merely a tool to aid in weight loss.  The work is actually harder than 5 diets combined and of course much more uncomfortable if one falls back to unhealthy habits.

My biggest worry with having the surgery is becoming anemic. While undergoing chemo, I had to have an iron infusion.  If you have ever had an infusion you know they are 6-7 hours of no fun. I have already started taking my multivitamin, Calcium with VitD, and a sub-lingual B12 pill.  I will have to take vitamins for the rest of my life.  I will boost my iron through food selection and an iron supplement. Another worry is getting used to not drinking while I eat.  I am supposed to drink 20-30 mins before and after eating.

I have also started eating smaller portions.  I will have to give up my coffee for a while, but I had to do that with my DIEP breast reconstruction, so I got this!  I have to eliminate sugar and high fat foods. Otherwise, I will become sick. I don't want to be sick... I also use bio oil on my tummy, thighs and arms to ensure better skin elasticity.

I feel I am ready to make this decision. Most people are excited for me...some don't understand or agree that I would take drastic measures. At the end of the day, it is my decision that I make for me, no one else. My goal is to lose an initial 110 pounds, develop healthy eating habits, and tone like crazy in the gym.  Most research says that bypass patients gain 10-20% of their weight back once they hit the five year mark.

My initial appointment is Sept 30th and I hear they keep me for three hours....eeek!

So the most exciting part of the post, my Weight Loss Bucket List!
I have a list of about 30 things so far that I want to do once I lose 75% of my weight (which is approximately 75 pounds). I know some things I could do now, but nothing beats doing these things with a slimmer, healthier body. I am not adding them all at once. If you have always been on the thinner side, you may have taken these simple things for granted, so please don't laugh at me. I will add some more next week ;)

#1 - I can't wait to buy clothes from any store I would like.  I have always been a fashionista trapped in a chunky girl's body. Which has made clothes buying limited. I can't wait to put together some fantastic outfits and I get to start with WINTER!

#2 - I look forward to fitting comfortably in airplane/movie/theater/arena seats without imposing on the person next to me! 

#3 - Crossing my legs...

#4 - I am going to take pole dancing lessons....which means I am hitting the gym to increase my upper body strength. 

#5 - I look forward to coming off my high blood pressure medicine.  It makes me pee a lot! 

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