Tuesday, September 23, 2014

15 to 20 chews per bite, seriously? annnnd some Bucket list items

So I like looking at tips and tricks for bariatric eating. More importantly, I like for friends and family to see what I will experience so I don't look like a total freak! But really??? 15-20 chews per bite? Two minutes between bites? I knew I would have to chew more....but man. I also know that investing in some baby spoons is key for training portion size. This is what I found...

"Eat slowly.
Foods should be eaten slowly. Since most bariatric patients were fast eaters in their previous life, this can be a difficult behavior to change. Use tools such as small baby spoons and forks to help slow you down. An egg timer is a handy way of making sure that you wait two minutes between bites, which helps you stretch the meal period to the suggested 20 to 30 minutes.

Chew your food carefully.
Chewing your food carefully, perhaps up to 15-20 chews per bite, until the foods feels pureed before swallowing, will help slow you down. It is also important to chew foods well to ensure that nothing gets stuck passing through the narrowed outlet from the pouch. Failure to eat small portions, eat slowly and chew carefully can lead to vomiting, which is never considered normal."

The eating slowly, I can handle...I am not sure about this 15-20 chews per bite. That will take some getting used to. It fits right up there with not drinking 30 mins before or after eating. Grrrr

Anyhow, my appointment is on Tuesday, a week away! I am looking forward to finding out more, but not really looking forward to staying there three hours. I have questions already that I would like to ask:

  • What is the time frame after the initial appointment? 
  • What's the best way to keep my Iron up? 
  • What is the best exercise to start with while getting back into the work out groove? 
  • How long do they recommend I stay on liquid/puree/soft foods? 
  • How can I avoid the cost of the blood work and MRI? 

More Bucket list items....Wooohooooooo

#16 - It's coming close to Halloween and I can't help thinking that I will not be buying a costume this year, because A, I don't really have anywhere to wear it to, and B (more importantly) they never make anything cute over a size 16.  I CAN'T WAIT TO BUY A NORMAL SIZED COSTUME....and may start with this one....

#17 - I can't wait to see the look of surprise on faces of those I do not see often after losing weight.  Seeing someone after a major change, whether it is weight loss or just a drastic hair cut, is always fun!

 #18 - I would like to go horseback riding, either on the beach or through a jungle-type environment.  Again, most horseback riding requirements have weight limitations and I always hit the borderline number.  I don't want to have to worry about that!

#19 - This is corny, but I can't wait to wrap a regular sized bath towel around me!!!!!!  It's cold when there are gaps!

#20 - I would like to sign up for my first Warrior Dash once I am in better shape.  This looks like so much fun, but I don't want to get stuck or not be able to pull myself along.

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