Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We couldn't make this $h!t up if we wanted to..... #4

It's been a crazy two months!  Sorry for taking so long.  I have gotten quite a few posts from contributors but I can't find the ones I wrote down!  DOH!!  I will add more later but I want to get these on here.....

  • A student to the nurse, "Ms. G, can you meet me in the hallway by the bathroom with a rubber glove.

  • "They expect me to work the entire 90 minutes of the computer class on the computer?"

  • "I think I pulled an Arm String!"

  • Nurse - "Why does your stomach and head hurt?" 
    Student - "Because my grandpa was in the hospital yesterday."
    Nurse - How does that make your stomach and head hurt?"
    Student - "Cause a couple of people coughed on me while I was there seeing him....duh!"

  • One male student talking to another male student, "Are you ready for the presidential erection?"

  • We were comparing and contrasting 2 videos, one on Prehistoric Life, one on Dinosaurs. While explaining this to the students, one child asked me in a panic…”are we watching both at the same time? I don’t know if I can do that!”

  • "So, like, what did you use before phones? Morse code?

  • Student: “Mrs. Gassert sure looks skinnier!”
    Me: “She had a baby, you know that right?”
    Student: “She did???”

  • “I thought locomotion was a dance." (lesson on human body systems- muscles)

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