Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We couldn't make this $h!t up if we wanted to.....

I said that I wanted to create a weekly blog about the things our students say to us.  We always joke and say we really couldn't make this stuff up even if we tried.....it's true!  The kids really did say it!

  • "Ms. Kish, will your boobs grow back?"  (this has actually been asked of me twice, two years in a row)

  • Going to work with a bandanna over my bald head one day and the next day with a wig...."Ms. Kish, did your hair grow back over night?"

  • "Obama isn't American, he was born in Hawaii"

  • "If you put airplane gas in your car, will it fly?"

  • "Mrs. Mason, I can't rap, I'm Mexican!"  (creating a rap for Black History Month)
From other teachers:

  • Today while taking a stroll on the trail at the Nature Reserve, a very dramatic girl shared with us that, "Birds are so lucky, they have wings" to which I tried to not burst out laughing, and she followed this revelation with, "they get to fly!" Seriously? This is a wonderful revelation for a 3 year old, but unfortunately, this child is 13.

  • "Mrs. Sealey, do you have the third book in the Hunger Games series, To Kill a Mockingjay?"
  • Mrs. Sealey - "There is one caveat..." Student 1 - "What is a caveat?" Student 2 - "It is rich people food, dummy."

  • Student: "Heartworm is a parasite that your dog may get, it feeds of the dog's heart/blood."
    Student: "Wait, what? Dogs have hearts?"

  • Me: "No, guys, human's are not prey, no animals hunt us for food."
    Student: "Miss Roth, do you cook human meat before you eat it?"
    Me: "Well, I know I'm on a new diet, but human is not on the plan!"

  • Me: "No, it's more like an allergy, you cannot catch it from someone else, why?"
    Laughing Student: "Miss Roth, stop teasing, eczema are those people that wear the big furry coats in like Alaska or something."

  • Me: "Okay, the first word is domain, has anyone heard this word used, and if so, in what context?"
    Student: "Oh, I know Miss Roth, it's Chinese right, like noodles or something!"

  • Student: "Miss Roth, what are testes?" Me: "Um, why do you want to know?" Student: "Oh, I forgot, they are the things that octopus have, right?" Me: "Well, probably the male ones!"

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 History Fair

I am very proud of our students that represented our school at the annual History Fair.  It was my first year participating and I got to tag along to the competition.  One of my students placed 3rd in the county for her documentary and we had an 8th grade place first in individual exhibit.

The theme this year was Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History!  Many of the students focused on various wars throughout history, others,  popular topics such as telephones and photography.  The students could make a display, perform a play, create a website or documentary, or write a paper.

A play by a high school....

The students also got to take some time to explore the museum.  There were displays on the Civil War in the South that included the various weapons that were used, letters, uniforms, and pictures.  There was also a fossil display and Florida native animal displays.

Of course the school news team was there to catch it all and do interviews with the students that competed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How I reached my 5% weight loss goal!

I don't want to post every time I lose weight, but reaching my 5% goal is supposed to be a big deal (says Weight Watchers)! So I thought I would take a few minutes and type down a few of my changes since January 10th that has landed me 12.8 pounds lighter!

I have stopped eating out in the mornings. I used to go to Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds 2-3 times a week before work. I still may go but it is definitely much less and when I do, I order smaller sizes. I have also stopped eating school lunch. It is so easy to become lazy at bringing a lunch but I bring a variety of Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine frozen meals. I also switched from sweet tea to unsweet with sweet and low :)  Even though my students say the pink packets kill brain cells….

My daily allotted points value is 36. Everyone's is different. My morning meal averages about 6-7 points and always consists of coffee with cream, carbs and protein. I LOVE Weight Watchers bagels. I usually eat a half one with cream cheese and turkey or chicken lunch meat. My lunch ranges between 7-9 points. I always have a snack between breakfast and lunch. It normally includes peanut butter (3 points) and a banana (0 points). My fabulous 4th period calls it "peanut butter banana time"!  The rest of my points are used up at dinner and an evening snack (usually something sweet from Weight Watchers).  I track 98% of my food!  The key to success is tracking and I strongly believe that.

I have definitely have been cooking more often. I got a plethora of great recipes from Pinterest.  Herb is always wondering what I am cooking up.  One of my favorite quick bites so far have been petite lasagnas.

We still go out to dinner.  I just plan ahead and also make changes to my ordering.  I still eat French fries.  It isn’t every time I go out to dinner but I will probably get them 1 time out of 3.  I hardly ever drink my calories.  I stick to water and unsweet tea.

Let’s talk exercise.  I joined a gym about a year ago when I finished my first surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  I worked out religiously (classes, weights, and machines) and hardly ever lost a pound.  I understand that the gym moves inches, not pounds, but it was a bit disheartening when the scale barely moved.  So when it came to implementing a workout program with my Weight Watchers program I decided to take it much easier. Now I am just walking on the treadmill and doing some lighter elliptical work.  We will see how that goes.  I also take a multi-vitamin, calcium, vitamin D, and an iron pill 3 times a day.  I still need to drink more water, so that is a goal!

The most valuable piece of advice I have heard at the meetings is, “If you fall off the Weight Watchers wagon just get back up!  There is always a new meal ahead or a new day tomorrow!”

Monday, February 20, 2012

Taking over Circle B Nature Reserve

I was invited to accompany the Science classes on their yearly field trip to the Circle B Nature Reserve in Polk County.  I was so excited and couldn't wait to spend time with student outside of the traditional classroom.  Not to mention the fabulous pictures that I could take!  It was a

The students started by taking a pre-test on the nature reserve while on the bus.  They used the SMART Scenteo system to log their answers. 

Once at Circle B, the students were separated into two groups and headed their classrooms.  Once in the classroom they were given a crash course on the nature reserve and a quick overview of the equipment they were going to be using for the day.  Each student got a backpack, workbook on a clipboard with a pen, binoculars, and a pamphlet of the different animals they will see.  As a group they got specific items too - a bottle to collect water, a glass container to test the water, thermometer, hand held computer, and laminated identifier sheets for more animals and plants. 

Each group had color coded backpacks so it was easy to keep them together.  After we were briefed in the classroom, we headed out into nature!  We saw all kinds of birds, plants, and other animals!

Snazzy little guide that helped the students identify species.

I swear he was smiling at us....I almost threw him lunch!  Just sayin'...

Testing the water clarity and temp.  Needless to say this water was very icky.....

ssssshhhhh....it's sleeping!

My favorite picture from the day.  I love how the bird is posing and he has a turtle on each side of him.  It's like the bird is pimpin'.

It was a great day at the nature center.  The pre-test score was 50% and at the end of the day the class I was with scored an average 89%.  They must have learned something!  I sure did.  I now know what biotic and abiotic is!  wooohooo! 

First things first....


My name is Haley Estelle and I have decided to blog about things in my life that I am passionate about: food, travel, photography, fashion, health, education, and of course my love....Fritz!  I am a 30-something, newly wed that has been around the world, fought breast cancer and I am still kickin'. 

This is more so for me, in case I seem to forget things in the far future.  However, I also started weight watchers and would like to keep track of certain foods I eat along with the changes in my life.  I have been going at it since January 10th and I have lost about 12 pounds so far!  I have tried numerous methods to losing weight in the past and have ultimately gained the weight back.   A few years ago I joined a similar program to weight watchers and have kept off 20 pounds.  So why not try weight watchers to keep shedding the pounds? 

I have always loved photography.  Pictures tell a person's life throughout time.  People make fun of me because I take my camera to the most unusual places and ton a millions photos.  My parents bought me a Canon Rebel Ti (not digital) when I was a younger.  I would snap up everything, not pausing to think about how to properly use the camera.  When I lived over seas in New Zealand I began to appreciate the beauty of landscape photos (who couldn't in beautiful New Zealand).  I went a few years with no camera at all, when digital started to take over.  This Christmas my parents bought me a Canon Rebel T3 1100D and I started to properly use it.  I watched hours of tutorials on YouTube and read heaps of documentation of how to take spiffy pictures.  I still have everything to learn!