Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We couldn't make this $h!t up if we wanted to..... #4

It's been a crazy two months!  Sorry for taking so long.  I have gotten quite a few posts from contributors but I can't find the ones I wrote down!  DOH!!  I will add more later but I want to get these on here.....

  • A student to the nurse, "Ms. G, can you meet me in the hallway by the bathroom with a rubber glove.

  • "They expect me to work the entire 90 minutes of the computer class on the computer?"

  • "I think I pulled an Arm String!"

  • Nurse - "Why does your stomach and head hurt?" 
    Student - "Because my grandpa was in the hospital yesterday."
    Nurse - How does that make your stomach and head hurt?"
    Student - "Cause a couple of people coughed on me while I was there seeing him....duh!"

  • One male student talking to another male student, "Are you ready for the presidential erection?"

  • We were comparing and contrasting 2 videos, one on Prehistoric Life, one on Dinosaurs. While explaining this to the students, one child asked me in a panic…”are we watching both at the same time? I don’t know if I can do that!”

  • "So, like, what did you use before phones? Morse code?

  • Student: “Mrs. Gassert sure looks skinnier!”
    Me: “She had a baby, you know that right?”
    Student: “She did???”

  • “I thought locomotion was a dance." (lesson on human body systems- muscles)

Monday, April 2, 2012

We couldn't make this $h!t up if we wanted to..... #3

It has been a slow two weeks with crazy comments.  I am not sure if it is just because we are getting tired and FCAT is around the corner, and we aren't catching the comments as easily?  I am sure they are being said though!

Just a few from the last two weeks -

  • To continue the eggs from cows debate, "Ms. Kish, please tell Mr. Jones that eggs to come from cows"

  • "Ms. X, does beef jerky come from pigs?"  .....our kids have a lot to learn about animals!

  • During the presentation of the Canada projects, "Mrs. Mason, did anyone do their project on Alaska?"

  • Eating a tangerine, "Wow it's like these are already pre-cut"

  • Stolen from a FB wall..."While reminding the students that "The Ohio State Buckeyes" are in the final 4, one student asked me if Ohio was a county in Florida...then another student told that student he was wrong, Ohio is in a different country"

  • While listening to Olivia Newton John's "Hopelessly Devoted to You" a student yells out...."Hey, isn't this Whitney Houston's big hit?!"

  • "You can't go tubing, there are sharks in the lake!"

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun times during Spring Break 2012

It was funfilled and flew by!  Spring Break has come to a close and now all we have are vibrant memories (thanks to photo editing).  I managed to make it over to Disney twice, the beach, a fabulous Birthday/St. Patty's Day party, the movies, and got some much needed relaxation.  However, the highlight was heading over to good ole' MD Anderson and seeing my plastic surgeon (well his PA).  Apparently they want me to lose 40 pounds in about 12 weeks.  I am pretty sure they are aware of the weight loss guidelines and know that 1-2 pounds a week is the healthiest track to follow so I'm not sure why they are pushing over 3 pounds a week. 

Anywho, I have been at the gym religiously and have tightened up on my WW points!  I have also invested in a snazzy little jar and some rocks!  Doesn't sound like much,  I know, but it is a visual representation of the weight I have lost.  It is also to motivate me to fill the jar up.  Every rock equals a tenth of a pound (.1).  Since I have lost 13 pounds the jar now has 130 rocks.  So I will be updating everyone on my jar's progress as time flies by!

The first trip to Disney was with Melissa, Rick, Ry, Tacey, and Tegan!

Tacey likes to have her picture taken :)

Ricky is having so much fun riding the Dino!

Yummmm, I am proud to say I just had a nibble of the cookie and nothing else!

Playing with my wide angle lense....

The second trip to Disney was with my gal pals from work!  Suzie, who is orginally from Ohio, had never been to the Magic Kingdom.  Alanna's youngest, Quinn, also had never been.  Having gone to Diseny countless times, it is always fun experiencing it through the eyes of a newbie. 

We had quite a large crew thanks to dad and another teacher, Greg, who got everyone in.  We first stopped by City Hall so that Suzie and Quinny could get their buttons that alerted the world it was their first time at Disney.  We then made our way up Main Street USA.

The pinning ceremony....

Our two first timers taking a picture with Quinn's camera.

I laid on the ground to get this shot and I was in such a hurry, I didn't center them! hahahah  I need to slow it down.

Framing things is cool! LOL

He looks so happy....

Love me some Fine Detail Black and White editing!  These girls are superstars, looking for Justin Beiber!

To round out Spring Break, Melissa had a party to celebrate St. Patty's Day and some special birthdays (Rick, his mom, and Melissa's aunt).  It was a great time with friends and a super big dog...and some tiny ones too!

Rocket and his frisbee


Everyone got a button to wear... 

The cutest lil favors for the party!  M&M's in a ashamrock cup.

Birthday boy sporttin' his shamrocks!

Birthday whoopins