Thursday, September 11, 2014

Continuation of the Weight Loss Bucket List

I have stuck to my vitamin regimen 100% the past week. That is big for me! Wooohooo! I have not, however, been able to go a lunch or dinner without drinking while eating.  That is going to be very hard for me.  I also have to fit one more workout in for the week.

So me beginning a weight loss bucket list sparked some conversation between me and another friend who has lost weight.  She mentioned she had wanted to do something since losing weight and it so happened to be on my list as well...

#6 - Wrap my legs around my man while being picked up (this also has a very sexual meaning, but i'm keeping this PG, hahahah)

#7 - I look forward to being able to tie or fasten my shoes without huffing and puffing for air!

#8 - I'm definitely doing a pin-up photo shoot!

#9 - I have done 5ks in the past, but I would like to train and be able to run an entire race with ease.

#10 - I can't wait to be able to buy a tennis skirt and not be afraid to wear it in public!!   :)

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