Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Psych Eval? and some more Bucket List Items!

So I am less than two weeks away from my initial bariatric appointment. I am getting excited, to say the least.  I am still battling a cold, so I am hoping to be 100% be the time of the appointment, but I have been religiously taking my vitamins!!  This is a big thing for me, because when I was going through chemo I was supposed to take them and I never did.  Woot!

I have had some interesting conversations with people regarding the surgery and for the most part they are very supportive.  The common topic, however, is the psychological evaluation.  I knew from the beginning that I would have to jump this hurdle. I know there are many different reasons as to why someone has to have a pysch eval.   One reason is being able to deal with how people (old and new) treat the newly transformed you.  Men will notice you more, women may react differently.... I told my mom that I never had issues pulling men's attention...LOL. She thought I was funny. Someone told me that they knew a person that went through the surgery and their attitude changed for the worse.  I can't see myself doing this.  I will just be happy to be healthy and have more energy.

The other reason people see a psychologist is to get used to being in their new skin. Some still see themselves as overweight when they look in the mirror after losing even 100 pounds.  I think I am different in the fact that I don't think or feel like I am the size I am now.  I mean, I know I am overweight, but I don't physically FEEL or think I look 240 pounds.  Not until I go shopping for clothes, or try to sit on an airplane, or exercise...then I realize I AM that big.

I have done a good job in cutting my portion sizes and eating snacks.  I still am not getting enough water....this will be a challenge.  Not being able to drink but an ounce at a time will also be a challenge since I like to chug water when I work out.


#11 - I want to wear a two piece bathing suit that isn't a tankini!  I would prefer to wear a yellow polka dotted bikini just so I can sing the song!

#12 - Zip lining!  wooohooo Most places have a weight limit and I can do some....but I want to be able to pick which zip line I would like to do!

#13 - I want a second tattoo.  Preferably on my hip line (because I want to be able to hide it),  I have thought about trying to cover up some of my scar from my DIEP surgery, but I will have to wait and see!  I have been a huge fan of "To Thine Own Self Be True", feathers, something breast cancer related, or something in Italian. 

#14 - I have so many pairs of Gucci and Prada heels that I never wear because I mess shoes up from being too heavy or they are just hard to wear all day.  I can't WAIT to have less weight on my shoes and wear cuter ones!  PLUS....SOMEONE will owe me a pair of red Manolos when I get to 160 pounds!

#15 - I want to do a best friends photo shoot with my girls!  Since I have always be the heaviest one, by a long shot, I never wanted to do these.  I would like to hire a professional Photog and head over to Disney or some other fabulous location!  Along with my family, these ladies are my rock and support system...they keep me in line :)


  1. I love reading your thoughts written out. Great job on the vitamins. I am so bad about staying on a regimen. I'm very proud of you and you continue to be an inspiration to me everyday. I'll be your cheerleader and sing the Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini song for you at the top of my lungs as you're frolicking in the waves. Psych eval huh? You'll crush that sh*t! No worries there. I'm ready to zip line with you. Just tell me when and where (I vote for somewhere exotic - like Santorini - Summer 2015). Photoshoot!! That sounds ridiculously fun!! I can't wait! My goal is to keep my weight off {Forever} then I can participate too. Otherwise I may be on the other side of the lens. ha ha ha! Love ya Hay Hay!! xxx ooo

    1. OMG, my Yellow Bikini in Santorini!!! I rhyme! Thanks girl! I am what I am today because of some great friends and family members supporting me along the way :)