Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Bariatric Visit....and more bucket list items

This past Tuesday I had my initial bariatric appointment. Mom, Dad, and Herb went with me…more so because we were going to Epcot’s food and wine afterwards. LOL 

So I arrived right before 11:30, they took the $250 payment, did my vitals and went over my new patient paperwork.  My blood pressure was 170/100, which of course set a red flag off right away.  I weighed in at 242, which I already knew.  My weight has been pretty steady since last December. Soon after the vitals check, mom and I joined four other ladies in a small classroom with some charts and a white board.  They doctor entered soon after.  The doctor did his spiel, explained each option of weight loss surgery, and answered any general questions. We were in the classroom for about 45 minutes.

Each patient was then ushered in to an examination room.  The doctor then visited us individually.  We spoke about the surgery that I would like done, the risks, my cancer, and the next steps.  He suggested the gastric sleeve, simply because I was a self-pay patient and there is a higher risk and more need surgery could be possible in the future, say for a bowel blockage. I let him know I wasn’t too concerned because I felt my insurance was heading in the right direction with eventually covering weight loss procedure….also, I take risks! It’s what I do.  I did voice my main concern of becoming anemic and he agreed, I just asked for the best supplement I could get.  The doctor also mentioned he could take my gallbladder out and it would be covered.  One of the worse things, is getting gall stones…problem solved.

He approved me for surgery and my last step was to see the scheduler and get the ball rolling.  The scheduler gave me the price break down (totaling approx. $20,500), a script for blood work, and a script for an ultrasound of my gallbladder.  In order to schedule the surgery, the surgeon fee had to be paid, approx. $6,700.  Some may think this is a lot for a surgery.  I see it as a car payment ($400 a month). I know I would rather have a life changing surgery to use as a tool for the rest of my life, to help me become healthy. I rather be thin than drive off in a new car at this moment. 

The surgery is scheduled for Oct 24th but I have numerous appointments leading up to it.  However, I do not have to see a psychologist because I am a self-pay patient.  My timeline is below.  The entire balance for surgery has to be paid by day of.

Sept 29th – Initial appointment
Oct 7th – Nutritionist appointment
Oct 10th – Blood work appointment (free) Ultrasound for gallbladder (insurance covers)
Oct 14th – Pre-op appointment
Oct 24th – Surgery

I am very excited… to say the least. 


#21 - Let's just say better over all hygiene. I look forward to not have as many rolls and crevasses. Plus, I will be able to reach more places to shave ;)  hahaha, TMI I know.

#22 - I want to be able to do 10 pull-ups! 

#23 - I have always wanted to become a certified Scuba Diver.  Part of me is scared and the other part knows I need to be in better shape.  This is something I will definitely do!

#24 - To weight less than I did in High School!  My senior year, I probably weighed about 170. I thought I was soooo fat at the time. geezzz.. 

#25 - I would like to take up yoga and increase my flexibility.  I am hoping this will also enhance my sexual performance in the bedroom....and other places I will be able to fit with my new, slimmer body ;)

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