Monday, February 20, 2012

Taking over Circle B Nature Reserve

I was invited to accompany the Science classes on their yearly field trip to the Circle B Nature Reserve in Polk County.  I was so excited and couldn't wait to spend time with student outside of the traditional classroom.  Not to mention the fabulous pictures that I could take!  It was a

The students started by taking a pre-test on the nature reserve while on the bus.  They used the SMART Scenteo system to log their answers. 

Once at Circle B, the students were separated into two groups and headed their classrooms.  Once in the classroom they were given a crash course on the nature reserve and a quick overview of the equipment they were going to be using for the day.  Each student got a backpack, workbook on a clipboard with a pen, binoculars, and a pamphlet of the different animals they will see.  As a group they got specific items too - a bottle to collect water, a glass container to test the water, thermometer, hand held computer, and laminated identifier sheets for more animals and plants. 

Each group had color coded backpacks so it was easy to keep them together.  After we were briefed in the classroom, we headed out into nature!  We saw all kinds of birds, plants, and other animals!

Snazzy little guide that helped the students identify species.

I swear he was smiling at us....I almost threw him lunch!  Just sayin'...

Testing the water clarity and temp.  Needless to say this water was very icky.....'s sleeping!

My favorite picture from the day.  I love how the bird is posing and he has a turtle on each side of him.  It's like the bird is pimpin'.

It was a great day at the nature center.  The pre-test score was 50% and at the end of the day the class I was with scored an average 89%.  They must have learned something!  I sure did.  I now know what biotic and abiotic is!  wooohooo! 

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