Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We couldn't make this $h!t up if we wanted to.....

I said that I wanted to create a weekly blog about the things our students say to us.  We always joke and say we really couldn't make this stuff up even if we tried.....it's true!  The kids really did say it!

  • "Ms. Kish, will your boobs grow back?"  (this has actually been asked of me twice, two years in a row)

  • Going to work with a bandanna over my bald head one day and the next day with a wig...."Ms. Kish, did your hair grow back over night?"

  • "Obama isn't American, he was born in Hawaii"

  • "If you put airplane gas in your car, will it fly?"

  • "Mrs. Mason, I can't rap, I'm Mexican!"  (creating a rap for Black History Month)
From other teachers:

  • Today while taking a stroll on the trail at the Nature Reserve, a very dramatic girl shared with us that, "Birds are so lucky, they have wings" to which I tried to not burst out laughing, and she followed this revelation with, "they get to fly!" Seriously? This is a wonderful revelation for a 3 year old, but unfortunately, this child is 13.

  • "Mrs. Sealey, do you have the third book in the Hunger Games series, To Kill a Mockingjay?"
  • Mrs. Sealey - "There is one caveat..." Student 1 - "What is a caveat?" Student 2 - "It is rich people food, dummy."

  • Student: "Heartworm is a parasite that your dog may get, it feeds of the dog's heart/blood."
    Student: "Wait, what? Dogs have hearts?"

  • Me: "No, guys, human's are not prey, no animals hunt us for food."
    Student: "Miss Roth, do you cook human meat before you eat it?"
    Me: "Well, I know I'm on a new diet, but human is not on the plan!"

  • Me: "No, it's more like an allergy, you cannot catch it from someone else, why?"
    Laughing Student: "Miss Roth, stop teasing, eczema are those people that wear the big furry coats in like Alaska or something."

  • Me: "Okay, the first word is domain, has anyone heard this word used, and if so, in what context?"
    Student: "Oh, I know Miss Roth, it's Chinese right, like noodles or something!"

  • Student: "Miss Roth, what are testes?" Me: "Um, why do you want to know?" Student: "Oh, I forgot, they are the things that octopus have, right?" Me: "Well, probably the male ones!"

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