Monday, February 20, 2012

First things first....


My name is Haley Estelle and I have decided to blog about things in my life that I am passionate about: food, travel, photography, fashion, health, education, and of course my love....Fritz!  I am a 30-something, newly wed that has been around the world, fought breast cancer and I am still kickin'. 

This is more so for me, in case I seem to forget things in the far future.  However, I also started weight watchers and would like to keep track of certain foods I eat along with the changes in my life.  I have been going at it since January 10th and I have lost about 12 pounds so far!  I have tried numerous methods to losing weight in the past and have ultimately gained the weight back.   A few years ago I joined a similar program to weight watchers and have kept off 20 pounds.  So why not try weight watchers to keep shedding the pounds? 

I have always loved photography.  Pictures tell a person's life throughout time.  People make fun of me because I take my camera to the most unusual places and ton a millions photos.  My parents bought me a Canon Rebel Ti (not digital) when I was a younger.  I would snap up everything, not pausing to think about how to properly use the camera.  When I lived over seas in New Zealand I began to appreciate the beauty of landscape photos (who couldn't in beautiful New Zealand).  I went a few years with no camera at all, when digital started to take over.  This Christmas my parents bought me a Canon Rebel T3 1100D and I started to properly use it.  I watched hours of tutorials on YouTube and read heaps of documentation of how to take spiffy pictures.  I still have everything to learn!

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