Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week two Post-op...Social life on a liquid diet

Week two has been a  breeze!  I have returned back to work and feel about 75%.  I get tired pretty easy still, so I am taking my weekends to recoup. The week got easier as I went. Since I am in education, however not a classroom teacher, and have more or less a desk job, it was easy for me to return 10 days after surgery. My doctor asked me why...I told him I felt ready!

I had my two week post-op visit with my doctor. He checked my G-tube (which I absolutely hate!) and said all my other incisions looked great. I told him I am eating well and feeling good. Almost scarily good. I can easily eat a half cup to a cup of food, in about 10-15 minutes. I have no signs of nausea and I don't get overly full. I have integrated soups in my diet. Mainly because I have been out to eat three times in the past week.

I am very social and part of that is joining people out to dinner. I first tried Crisper's Butternut Squash soup, LOVED it! I was only able to eat the cup and not the bowl. Next, I tried a broccoli cheddar at Bob Evans. I left out the big chunks of broccoli but it was still good. Last, I had French Onion at Red Robin.  I also ordered their black beans and smashed them, so I didn't finish much of either. I find it pretty easy to eat out with friends in this stage. Soups are low calorie (as long as you don't get the ones laden with cream) and have protein. The only down side, is I know going out to eat contributed to my obesity. Therefore, I have to be very careful when returning to normal. I know eventually I will be well enough to be tempted by fried food and bad-carb food. I am learning to like things that are much better for me,

My doctor said I could start my vitamins! I was super excited. Since I had issues with my iron when I was going through chemo, I decided to buy a chewable multivitamin with iron. I then take two calcium tablets, one around lunch and one at night. Finally, I take a biotin to help maintain my hair and nail growth. I shopped around and found the most affordable for what I wanted. I take the ones below:

Some of my favorite things to eat are below. Premier protein tastes great and it is 30 grams of protein.  I either have it for breakfast or I sip on it throughout the morning after breakfast. To make sure I get over 65 grams of protein, I usually drink one a day right now. I do use protein powders, but I try to get real food in first. I will also drink a cup of milk at night if I am low on protein for the day. The doctor said to get at least 60 grams, but I aim for 75 just to make sure. 

Weight loss is happening! I lost some real fast at first and then when I introduced the protein liquids, it slowed a little. I also became more active and the first few days of that, my body had to get used to. I don't want to loose too fast because I don't want to deal with the sagging skin. I can't wait to start working out in the gym though.

Weigh-in results - total loss 19.4 lbs
Weight at pre-op appointment, Oct 14 - 246 lbs
Weight morning of surgery, Oct 24 - 239 lbs
One week post-op, Oct 31 - 231.8 lbs

Two weeks post-op, Nov 7 - 226.6 lbs

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