Saturday, November 22, 2014

Four weeks out weigh-in! I get to eat FOOD now :)

I am officially able to eat soft food! This  means I can add in other proteins like chicken and fish. I actually started this phase three days early when I tried two ounces of chicken and some ahi tuna and it didn't bother me! I was at a birthday party at TGI Fridays and I ordered the small chicken skewers and ahi tuna bites. I got full really fast. That was my first experience with solid food and I survived!!  I then went out to eat for my anniversary. I took a bite of a flat bread and it did not go down properly, either due to not enough chewing or too big of a bite. It was very painful so I had to stand in the restroom for a bit. After 20 mins, I felt better and learned not to make that mistake again!! I had to skip my soup, but I ate some of my chicken. 

I have been doing well on soft foods since I started. I definitely do not eat as much as I was able to with the liquid proteins. I probably eat about a half cup of solid food. So far I have tried boneless chicken breast, baked chicken leg, sliced smoked turkey, scrabbled eggs, meatballs, cooked squash and zucchini, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, baked beans, ground beef, string cheese, and oatmeal. I am basically steering clear from any bread, pasta, rice, anything fried, all sweets, sugar, and high-fat foods. I do fine with spicy, so I am keeping that. heheh

Because I started eating "solid" food, I was scared my weight loss would have slowed down. I actually lost more weight this past week! Bodies are so weird. I am still eating between 600-800 calories. I feel that I will probably default around this range for quite a while. A question to my doctor will be a safe caloric range. I still keep track of everything I eat, even though it is harder now that it is not packaged in a container all the time. I can see how it is hard to get in all the protein you need. I will continue to supplement a meal with a protein shake to ensure I get 60 plus grams. Though I do get full really fast, I do get hungry again, however it normally takes 2-3 hours on the amount of food I am eating right now. 

The hardest thing for me is not the "do not drink before and after meals for 30 minutes", but the eating slowly. I have to learn to put the fork down in between bites. Especially when I am hungry and wanting to eat!

I have not yet made it to the gym. However, I am moving well and not tired every day. I still do get tired at times, but it is normally after a busy day.  Since we are off this week, I am hoping to get to it. I know it will give me energy and make it easier for me after the tube comes out! 

Other exciting things this week include fitting in to clothes that I haven't worn in two years! Before surgery I was a size 18/20. Now my size 20's are too big and I am comfortable in my sized 18 clothes. I have a few size 16 I now fit. My goal is to be a solid size 16 by Christmas. 

Weigh-in results - total loss 30 lbs
Four weeks post-op, November 21 - 216
Three weeks post-op, November 14 - 221.9
Two weeks post-op, Nov 7 - 226.6 lbs
One week post-op, Oct 31 - 231.8 lbs
Weight morning of surgery, Oct 24 - 239 lbs
Weight at pre-op appointment, Oct 14 - 246 lbs

30 pounds down - 81 to go!! Pictures next week :)

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