Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nutrition Appointment...moving right along. 15 days and counting

I met with the nutritionist this past Tuesday, which is a prerequisite for surgery.  I had to fill out a form about my current diet and exercise habits.  She met with me individually to weigh me and figure out how many calories I need to consume to lose weight.  We settled on about 1200.  I also voiced my concern about my iron levels and the best way to keep them up.  She discussed a supplement with me. 

Next, she met with a small group of us and went over the paperwork below.  We tried vitamin samples, looked at food samples she recommended, and she spoke about what our diet would look like from two weeks before surgery as well as after surgery.  She told us about the best protein powders to buy and how much protein we needed to get each day.

We concluded the session with what to do when issues come up such as dumping, constipation, and so forth.  It was very informative!!

My next steps are my blood work tomorrow morning and my gallbladder ultrasound tomorrow morning.  My pre-op appointment is Tuesday, the 14th and all that stuff has to be done prior. They have emailed me my pre-op paperwork of dos and don'ts.  I may post that next  blog! 

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