Sunday, October 26, 2014

Before, During, and After Surgery...Made it through!

The pre-op diet and I meshed pretty well.  It was very hard, fighting the temptation to eat just one last meal with lots of fried food and carbs.  My weight fluctuated during the last week due to having to stop my blood pressure meds and starting my monthly cycle.  I went in to surgery weighing about 7-8 ponds lighter than I had two weeks prior.

The day before surgery was clear liquids.  I cheated on this day because I added protein powder to my clears.  I didn't know I wasn't supposed to, but when I mentioned it to my doctor, he said it was fine. I'm glad I got those extra grams of protein!!

I did sleep the night before. Being that I was so nervous, I was surprised I did.  I woke and did the usual wash with the medicated hand rub they give you. Mom and Dad were on time, 5:15, and I was off to ORMC!

The drill was the same in pre-surgery prep. I had to brush my teeth, gums, and tongue with the medicated liquid and then they clean my tummy very well. My doctor came by, as well as the anesthesiologist, head nurse, and a few other people I had no idea what their purpose was. The nurse put two IVs in me and started the happy juice.  The best thing about happy juice, is that you feel it right away!  What a great feeling! 

Once I go to the operating room, the only thing I really remember was having conversation with the people in there.  The nurse put oxygen over my mouth and within seconds I was out.  I didn't even count down from ten....sneaky people. 

I don't remember recovery, but I do remember when they said I can go to my room.  I don't remember going to my room, but I remember waking up and being there.  The pain was minimal at the time, but I was very nauseous.  They knew all patients generally were so they put a patch behind my ear and placed a reletext bracelet on me which sent mirco pulses (felt like I was being shocked) up my hand. Every time I walked I felt nauseous, so they treated me for that.

I was in and out of sleep the whole day.  Melissa, Rick, and Ry came to visit and I barely remember that.  Herb got off work and stayed the night :) 

The second post-op day I had less nausea and more pain.  I had to drink the blue dye to make sure my new stomach did not have leaks in it.  I passed the test and began drinking and eat clear liquids.  I didn't want much, I wasn't hungry. I didn't manage to drink some chicken broth and eat some jello.  It is vital that I take in 64 oz of liquid a day to keep hydrated.  I have a G-tube that also helps with this.  I have to drain it three times a day, but I also can put liquids in it to get my nutrition.

I was released from the hospital on day two and made it home.  I am currently on clear liquids until Tuesday, then I can have my protein drinks and other liquid protein supplements. I can't wait!  I don't feel like I am getting enough nutrition. 

Being at home is much better than in the hospital, even though I am here alone.  I can move well, but the pain kicks in when I use my stomach muscles. I am doing more and more clear liquids so my tummy is making weird noises. However, I haven't had any nausea..knock on wood!  For now, I am laid up in a plush red chair in the library.  I can not get in bed or lay on the couch because it hurts too much to get up. Other than walking around the house, I know I have to go for longer walks.  I am waiting for Herb to get home to monitor me, in case I fall. 

Things are good though.  I can't complain. Day by day...

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