Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We couldn't make this $h!t up if we wanted to..... #2

It's that time of week again and I have actually had a few teachers contribute this time! It is so much fun gathering comments and hearing stories that teachers tell me.  We just have to shake our head in disbelief each time one of our special students makes our day with their comments.  Keep in mind....we teach middle school students, 12-14 year olds.  That's right, we couldn't make this $h!t up if we tried! 

  • "Do cows lay eggs?

  • "Do you drank or eat a McFlurry?"

  • Teacher - "Today we will be learning about Canada's History"
    Student - "Why do we have to learn about Canada?  The only thing they are good for is Canadian Bacon and Justin Bieber"

  • "How did Harriet Tubman build all those railroad tracks?"

  • 8th grade student - "It's so weird.  It's so weird, I feel like I was just in 7th grade last year."
    Teacher - "Probably because you were a 7th grade student last year."

  • Student to Science teacher - "OMG is that skeleton real?"

  • Teacher - "Please go ahead and letter your paragraphs.
    "Student raises his hand - "You mean like 1-2-3-4"

  • Student - "I have to leave this country."
    Teacher - "Where will you go?"
    Student - "Miami"

  • Student 1 - "When Canadians talk, why do they say 'Aye'?"
    Student 2 - "Yeah, why don't they say 'B'?"


  1. So funny! Don't forget that H stands for "Haitian".

  2. Ah that's right! I had that on another list at school. I will include it next week lol