Wednesday, March 23, 2016

18 Month Follow-up Appointment and I'm doing GOOD! Break down of my Vitamin intake

I am officially 18 months out from my initial bariatric appointment and 17 months from my actual surgery date! I weighed in at 149.9 lbs with clothes on, at home I weighed 148.2 lbs. My weight chart, by date, is below. We had a small celebration in the room when the doctor pointed out I was finally at a "normal" BMI. Since I had my starting weight as 246, my personal goal is only about 2 lbs away. However, my doctor's goal for me is 134 lbs. Not sure if I will ever hit that goal, or if I even want to. I am really just trying to maintain my weight now, with hopes of toning up!

 A solid size 8, but my dress for prom was a size 6. Built for curves!

All my blood work came back normal and in range in all categories. I am still asked what vitamins I take:

  • Daily - One Multi-Vitamin - Men's Silver 50+ Generic store brand
  • Every few days - Liquid B12
  • Twice a day - 500mg chewy Calcium with Vit D (equals 1000mg) 
  • Daily - 5000mcg Biotin
  • Every few days - Iron 65mg
My cholesterol was a little on the high side (still in range), so I will have to adjust my diet to try to lower it. I did pack my lunch last week and I will start doing that more and more. It all comes down to preparing it ahead of time. Back to Bento!

It is Spring Break, so I got the chance to start a new work out challenge! I am going to target my core and add squats back in! I am really in to Russian Twists right now. I just have to stick with the program! I am going with the plan below. We are heading to the beach tomorrow, so I will have to do it while on my mini-vacay! I am going to be checking off horseback riding on the beach from my bucket list!

Don't forget....